Self-employed - Software Engineer

June 2019 - Present


After my time at Planit Global I decided to move back to self-employed work as it allowed me more flexibility with new clients.

I picked up 4 new clients, including Facta.nl, Midlands MX, Teamworx Technologies and King Machine Tool Services.

For each of these clients I develop and/or manage their respective websites.

Current Work

Currently I am working for Facta.nl, Midlands MX, Teamworx Technologies and King Machine Tool Services.

For Midlands MX and King Machine Tool Services I am designing and developing their respective websites.

For Teamworx Technologies I am providing support and maintenance for their website.

For Facta.nl I am developing new features for their admin area on their website.

Planit Global - Game Developer

September 2018 - June 2019


Planit Global is a platform which helps students, young people and schools connect to local and national businesses through a unique career website with gamified elements.


Manage the WebGL, Android and VR version of the Planit Global Galaxy platform.

Maintain and develop new features for Planit Global using Unity, C#, Javascript and Ruby on Rails

Develop new features for the "Infoverse", "Orbit" and "Galaxy" pieces of the website

Work with the development team to plan new developments for the platform

Work with our web developers to implement new web and API features.

Using Docker and Rancher to publish builds of the client for testing amongst the team on the beta site.

Self-employed - Software Engineer

October 2016 - Present


After nearly 2 years at my previous company I felt I had enough experience and knowledge of games and business to take a step away from a company and start working for myself - I chose to do this for more creative freedom and more time to pursue my own goals and work on my own projects.

After leaving Edlounge I began work for Edarcade, a sister company of Edlounge. I also started to work for Planit Global in June 2017 maintaining and developing their 3D explorer client

Current Work

Currently I am working for both Edarcade and Planit Global in a self-employed capacity.

For Edarcade I am developing new games and adding tracking elements to all existing and new games provided by freelancers

For Planit Global I am maintaining and developing new features for their 3D explorer client

I am also working on creating Unity assets for the Asset Store and I am working on designing and developing my own games to be published.

Edlounge - Game Developer

June 2015 - September 2016


Edlounge is an eLearning software providing a whole school management system and learning solution for schools.


• Created original, subject specific educational games, mini-games and software.

• Integrated 80+ games with Edlounge and administrated new and existing games.

• Worked in a team to design and develop new games for Edlounge.

• Worked with freelancers to create, bug fix and upload their games onto the Edlounge website.

VooFoo Studios

My Experience

My experience at VooFoo extended my skills in video game development and programming. My time at VooFoo also gave me valuable insight into the video game industry especially from a small business’s point of view.

A Summary

Voofoo (www.voofoo.games) are a small, independent games studio based in the centre of Birmingham, UK, founded in 2007 by a small team of experienced industry professionals

VooFoo use their own world-class in-house game engine to develop fun, commercially successful games, from their collaborations with Sony on the Develop Award nominated Hustle Kings, to the million selling ‘Pure’ games series with Ripstone.


This site is for showing some of the projects I have worked on over my years in the game industry. If you would like a playable copy of any of the games or a look at one of the Unity Assets feel free contact me.


Email: joshualloydsmith@hotmail.co.uk

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