Planit Global


Planit Global is a platform which helps students, young people and schools connect to local and national businesses through a unique career website with gamified elements.

My Roles

Manage the WebGL, Android and VR version of the Planit Global Galaxy platform.

Maintain and develop new features for Planit Global using Unity, C#, Javascript and Ruby on Rails

Develop new features for the "Infoverse", "Orbit" and "Galaxy" pieces of the website

Work with the development team to plan new developments for the platform

Work with our web developers to implement new web and API features.

Using Docker and Rancher to publish builds of the client for testing amongst the team on the beta site.

A Summary

Planit Global is a platform which engages students, young people and schools with local businesses through a online careers platform.

Planit Global consists of a small team of developers and a small sales team of about 10+ people working on the platform at any one time.

Bringing local jobs to local students and young people, we are constantly working to create a fun and engaging platform for students, schools and businesses.

Planit Global Galaxy

Before (2017 build)

  • Explorer
  • Planit
  • Business
  • Sector

After (2019 build)

  • Explorer
  • Planit
  • Business
  • Sector
  • Sector
  • Sector
  • Loading

VR Video


In development since 2016.


Designed by the Planit Global Team


Developed to connect businesses, schools and young people.

Project Details

The Planit Global explorer client has been in development since 2016. Started by Dubit Limited and passed on to me in June 2017.

I now am responsible for maintaining the Galaxy client on 3 different platforms and developing new features for each.

Nurturing the workforce and management of the future is key to the success of the economy, locally and nationally. Planit Global know from talking to schools that many young people will want to work for local businesses, but they're not always aware who those businesses are, what they do, and what qualifications they might need to work there.


This site is for showing some of the projects I have worked on over my years in the game industry. If you would like a playable copy of any of the games or a look at one of the Unity Assets feel free contact me.


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