About Me

Professional video game developer with 4+ years experience in the industry.
A quick summary

I've been designing and developing games since 2012, starting off using Game Maker, moving on to Java and C++ and eventually moving to Unity 3D & C#.

I started creating games as a hobbyist in 2012 and moved on to a more professional capacity in 2015 when I started working for Edlounge LTD creating educational games for over 200 schools on the Edlounge system. After leaving Edlounge in late 2016 I became self-employed.

And the rest

I've loved designing and developing games since I started back in 2012 and still love it to this day.

I started off making small platformer games and clones of existing games in Game Maker. Moving on to Unity in late 2012/early 2013 was a great new experience and opened my eyes to making bigger and better games.

Since then I haven't stopped creating. Whether I'm working for a company or creating games by myself or with friends. I've enjoyed every moment so far and I imagine I will continue to enjoy the craft forever.

Planit Global


Planit Global is a platform which helps students and schools connect to local and national businesses through a unique career website with gamified elements.

My Roles

Manage the WebGL, Android and VR version of the Planit Global Galaxy platform.

Maintain and develop new features for Planit Global using Unity, C#, Javascript and Ruby on Rails

Develop new features for the "Infoverse", "Orbit" and "Galaxy" pieces of the website

Work with the development team to plan new developments for the platform

Work with our web developers to implement new web and API features.

Using Docker and Rancher to publish builds of the client for testing amongst the team on the beta site.

A Summary

Planit Global is a platform which engages students, young people and schools with local businesses through a online careers platform.

Planit Global consists of a small team of developers and a small sales team of about 10+ people working on the platform at any one time.

Bringing local jobs to local students and young people, we are constantly working to create a fun and engaging platform for students, schools and businesses.

Self Employment

After leaving Edlounge LTD in late 2016 I chose to work for myself.
Why self-employment?

After my couple years at Edlounge LTD I felt I had enough experience and knowledge of business and games to take a step away from a company for a while and work for myself.

I did this for more creative freedom and some more time to pursue my own goals and work on my own projects, which I found very difficult to do whilst working at a company.

The time spent working for myself also helped me decide the direction I wanted to take my career in. At this moment in time I would love to move over to America and work on bigger projects for bigger companies and eventually use the experience gained to start my own company.

The next step

With my connections I'd made in the industry so far fortunately I've never had to worry about a lack of work being self-employed.

But I feel the next step forward is to work for a larger company as I haven't yet experienced this and I think it'd be the logical step forward in my career.

I've considered starting up my own company but I think experience working for a larger company would be vital for creating a successful games company.

During my time being self-employed I have spent time creating Unity Assets for the asset store and continue to do so, my current project is due to be released before the end of this year.

Edarcade LTD


Edarcade has been developed to allow Primary School pupils all over the world to learn essential topics through exciting and unique game based learning.

My Roles

Conceived the idea of Edarcade with the development team I worked with at my time at Edlounge.

Helped to design and prototype Edarcade in its earlier stages.

Converted 80+ games from the Edlounge site to the Edarcade site.

Added tracking elements to every game, tracking student actions on educational parts of each game.

Administrating all existing games - including play testing, fixing bugs, uploading new games, etc.

A Summary

The idea of Edarcade was conceived in 2016 by the group of people who worked for Edlounge creating games for the games section of the Edlounge site. I played a role in the design and prototyping in the early stages of Edarcade.

Edarcade has an extensive range of topics address the key stage one and two Maths, English and Science curriculum where the individual can challenge, not only themselves but friends, class mates and siblings setting their own goals and targets.

Edarcade enables a pupil to have access to an extensive range of learning content through a gaming platform where they can choose to work in their own time

Edarcade has comprehensive tracking and reporting for individuals, classes, subjects and topics alongside league tables and extensive statistics for teachers and assistants in their very own user friendly dashboard.

Edlounge LTD


Edlounge is a learning platform to help students improve their outcomes through a personalised e-learning pathway.

My Roles

Created original, subject specific educational games, mini-games and software.

Integrated 80+ games with the Edlounge website and administrated all new and existing games.

Worked in a small team to design and develop new educational games for the Edlounge website.

Worked with freelancers to create new games, fix bugs in existing games and upload their new games onto the Edlounge website.

A Summary

Edlounge was created in 2009 as an inclusive resource to educate students that were in inclusion and exclusion, with an aim to develop their knowledge in Maths, English and Science.

Edlounge now delivers a high quality provision to students who are: home educated, part of the travelling community, vulnerable, at risk, foundational learners, disengaged, demotivated, or have low level literacy or numeracy.



Founded in 2017, UKCEX were a web-based company in the UK selling cryptocurrencies with the aim of bringing a wider range of payment options to cryptocurrency purchases.

My Roles

I was MD of the UKCEX company, I handled the development of the company's website and managed the financial side of the business.

The idea was conceived when trying to purchase Bitcoin with PayPal online and struggling due to how difficult most websites make it to buy cryptocurrencies.

I developed the website from scratch using the Laravel 5 framework.

I also designed the first few drafts of the website alongside a friend.

A Summary

Founded in 2017, we were a web-based company in the UK selling cryptocurrencies with the aim of bringing a wider range of payment options to cryptocurrency purchases, improving ease of use and speed of purchase.

We were one of the few traders at the time to accept payment methods like PayPal, improving customer experience and ease of purchase.

While we operated primarily in GBP, our use of PayPal means customers are also able to pay by USD or EUR at the checkout stage.

Unfortunately due to lack of funding and volume in crypto purchases the website was closed in 2019.


This site is for showing some of the projects I have worked on over my years in the game industry. If you would like a playable copy of any of the games or a look at one of the Unity Assets feel free contact me.


Email: joshualloydsmith@hotmail.co.uk

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