2D Block Lighting


Developed on and off over about a month for Unity 4. With minor improvements being made to support Unity 5.


Designed by myself for a game which hasn't yet been released.

Asset Store

Available for sale on the Unity Asset Store.

Project Details

A 2D dynamic collider based lighting system developed for the Unity 3D engine.

A list of features for the system can be seen in italics to the right.

All lights can be edited at runtime!
Supports point, spot and area lights.
Light intensity and range is considered.
Static lights are also supported.
Works with 3D and 2D colliders.

Fully functional colour blending (or color blending).


This site is for showing some of the projects I have worked on over my years in the game industry. If you would like a playable copy of any of the games or a look at one of the Unity Assets feel free contact me.


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